Thursday, October 18, 2012

40 Bags: An update

Even though I have not kept very good track of my progress, I'm still always slowly working on my dejunking process.

One big thing was a few months ago, I went through the kitchen cupboards. I already knew we were very wasteful, but it was a good reminder. I found cans of stuff that expired in 2006! I threw away tons of food that was no longer good. I really have done pretty good this year to only buy what I need and try to use it up, so most of what I threw out was very old. That weekend, Josh opened the cupboards and commented on just how bare they were.

I know I need to be better at food storage and food rotation. I used to have food storage issues (our coffee table was made up of canned foods and it embarrassed me), but I think I'm willing to try now. Except I want to wait until we move. The whole point of this denjunking has been to make it so we have less stuff to move when we (finally) find a home.

I've also been working on organizing decorations better. All those kits I've made over the years, they were in 2 totes. So each holiday, I'd get out my regular stuff that I've had for years, but then I'd have to dig through those totes to find the kits. As each holiday as come and gone, I've made sure to put those kits in the holiday tote.

I am still trying to figure the best way organize my cake stuff. My cake pan collection continues to grow, but my kitchen space remains the same. So for now, all my cake stuff is stored in a tote. When I need a pan, I just go and grab it; and since I don't use them that often, this seems to work well.

This really isn't dejunking, but we finally got rid of the piano. I've had it for years and years, but a few years ago, I decided I really didn't want it, not even as an inheritance. My mom let my sister choose which piano (of the 2 she owned) she wanted, then donated the other to a church. My sister choose the one at my house, but didn't have anywhere for it, so we agreed to hold on to it.

Then a few weeks ago, Vanessa had to get it to teach piano lessons. The down side was, October is the one month I actually like it because I have so many Halloween decorations. I know own a sofa table with a coffee table on the way. ;) I've wanted those for a long time, but never thought we had room for them. I do realize the irony in that we went from having to move one big item to two big items instead when that day comes.

Another big thing I've been working on is selling most of my books. Since getting my Kindle, I just don't read them anymore. At one point, I boxed them all up when we thought we had a house found. But a few weeks ago, I unboxed them, took pictures and listed them on a facebook group. I have sold quite a few that way.

I think, for now, we've decided to spend winter where we are. We are anxious to move, but really haven't been able to find something we can agree on. Now that its getting cold, we've realized, we have little wood to heat our home this winter. We didn't haul any this summer because we didn't think we'd need it. But Josh think he can get that done in a few days, as long as the weather holds.

Hoping that we find a home soon. And that when we do, I will have so much less stuff to throw away and pack then I did when we started looking for a home this spring.

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Jessica said...

I'm excited to see your new sofa table this weekend. :)