Sunday, October 28, 2012

Afternoon with the boys

A few weeks ago, I talked to my sister, and we decided to make a play date for a cancer carnival the Jr. High was putting on. I didn't get there until that afternoon, but that morning I got a message from my sister that Valex was talking on a pretend phone. When she asked who he was talking to, he said "Nana". 

They might have been just a little too young for the carnival, but we still had fun. We couldn't talk Valex into the jump house or the inflatable side, but Daxsen and I were able to go down the slide. We also did a bean bag throw, a fish pond, and won some cupcakes in the cakewalk. 

After the carnival, we decided to head to the park. I miss Daxsen being my baby, but it was fun to watch him try to keep up with his brother. They are the cutest boys. 

Valex was excited when I found this ball someone left. It was almost bigger then him, so each time he picked it up, it would fall behind him before he could throw it. 

The ball was bigger then Daxsen. But it didn't stop him from trying to pick it up for several minutes. 

Just before we left, we got to watch the life flight helicopter take off. Both boys thought it was pretty cool. Vanessa and I were just having to much fun watching their reactions. 

 I'm so grateful for my sister and how well she does raising the boys. They are turning into such precious sweeties. We weren't close when we were young, but I feel like we are now. I've realized its because we finally have a big thing in common; being in love with two little boys. :)

My favorite picture from the day.

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Jessica said...

I agree with you on your favorite picture from the day. Too cute!