Monday, October 8, 2012

Nephew Halloween Shirts 2012

This weekend I went out to the city to do some shopping. First item on my list: find stuff for a pirate costume for me and the hubs. Check. I still need to fix a few things, so more on that in a different post.
The second item on the list was to buy my annual Halloween t-shirts for all the nephews. I don't know about them, but I LOVE this tradition. And of course, since they are spoiled, they all got 3 shirts instead of just the one I swear I'm going to buy.
For Preston: Its getting a little hard to shop for him now that he's not in toddler clothes. It seems like when I can find a Halloween shirt, its gory. I don't do gory. And its getting harder to find a shirt that I can get it in matching for every one. But I did manage to find a matching shirt at one store. At the last store, I decided to buy them each a 3rd shirt, but they had nothing in Preston's size. I could have just put the others back and bought only 2 shirts each, but I spoil them all too much for that. ;) I did find a shirt with a skull on it so I decided it was close enough. And its a blue shirt, which is his favorite color, so its double good.
For Tyler: The mummy one glows in the dark. ;)
For Valex: The mummy and Mickey Mouse glow in the dark. Vanessa's boys love Mickey, so I was excited to find those shirts.

For Daxsen: I wanted to get him the mummy shirt too, but they didn't have it in his size.  But then I got to see them for just a minute last night and he was already wearing a shirt with the same word play. ;)

Can't wait to drop these off to them over the next few nights. I also started buying some gifts to put in their treat bags. Cause they are also spoiled enough to get more then a little piece of candy. 

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