Monday, August 20, 2012

Las Vegas Day 3 - Bass Pro Shops & Phantom of the Opera

I think this was the day I missed Josh the most because we decided to go check out the Bass Pro Shop located in the Silverton Casino. I took a lot of pictures to try to make it up for him not being able to go there. But he did go to the one in Denver earlier this year, so don't feel too bad for him. ;)

One funny thing about today. The original plan had been to come home on Wednesday, so John and his friend could be there for their 1st day of school on Thursday. But that morning we started joking about staying through until Friday. (My mom had to book the condo for a week anyways.) We were all okay with it, we just had to convince Wyatt's mom. I think we were ALL surprised when she agreed. But I think that's because I told him to ask for a pony, so he could get a puppy. AKA, he started by telling him mom he got married in Vegas, but she couldn't come home until Friday. We were all thrilled when she said yes. :)

After we were done exploring there, we went back up to the strip to explore some of the other casinos. 
Inside the Paris Casino.

Tonight was the long anticipated Phantom of the Opera. We left the boys at the condo and went. I had a complete blonde moment and thought it started at 7:30. When we got there at 7:20, we were saddened to learn it started at 7:00! But as soon as we were in our seats, I didn't care anymore. I was at The Phantom of the Opera! If I had a bucket list, it would be on that list. We set up in the mezzanine, which was a great view for the Chandelier disaster.  As we were leaving, I took a picture. Apparently, they don't like that, because someone got after me before I could have my mom take another one with me in the picture. But still, I have photo proof that I was there. 

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