Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Club - "The Giver" by Lois Lowry

This month, it was my sister's turn to pick the book. She mentioned she wasn't sure what she wanted to choose, so I told her about the book I was originally going to choose, before my grandma's book came out. It was "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. 

This is actually the 3rd time I've read this book. When I was very young (like 5th grade or so), my mom read this book to us. She told us that one year, my sister's teacher, insisted parents read a book with their child. The only requirement was that it be a Newbery  Medal Award book. My mom loved this book so much, she made sure to read it to each of us when we were young.

Then a few years later (I think it was the summer of my freshman year), I was in a summer program called Upward Bound. Each summer, I would live with my high school peers in a dorm in Provo. To keep us in line, we had an adult supervisor that lived with us. My first year, that "den mom" decided to read us a book. She choose "The Giver". I couldn't remember it exactly, but I remembered it was a good book. Each night, we would read a little bit. As we got towards the end, the suspense was too much! One of my room mates decided to swipe the book one night so we could finish it. She crawled into the room on her belly, snatched the book, and we stayed up to finish it. Then she crawled back in to put the book back. Of course we loved it, but the next night, when our den mom finished it, she was disappointed in our reaction. I guess its like opening your presents before your birthday. Its just not as exciting the 2nd time.

As I read "The Hunger Games" they very vaguely reminded me of this book. But since it had been YEARS since I read this book last, I decided to read it again. I had it chosen as my book, but the day before I told the group, my grandma's book came out, so I choose it instead. I decided I would just wait the 4-6 months until it was my turn again. So when Vanessa seemed stumped, I mentioned this book in hopes she would choose it so I wouldn't have to wait. ;)

Vanessa served us a dinner of kabobs grilled outside on the grill. It was delish. I love book club so much and can't wait for next month. 

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