Saturday, August 18, 2012

Las Vegas Day 1

A few weeks ago, my mom mentioned that she was planning a trip to her condo in Las Vegas. I remembered that Dallon & Natalie had seen Phantom of the Opera on their honeymoon, and that it would only be in Vegas through the end of this summer. So I checked online and found out that Phantom of the Opera would only be in Vegas for a few more weeks. I wanted to go so bad! So I decided to invite myself on my mom's Vegas Trip. She agreed to pay the hotel in St. George and the condo fee for the week and I bought the tickets for her and I to go to Phantom of the Opera. I was so excited!

A few weeks later, it was finally time to go! We left the hot, dry weather for Utah to go to the even hotter and drier weather of Nevada. Josh had to work, so it was just me, my mom, my youngest brother John, and his best friend Wyatt. 

On Friday, we drove as far as St. George. We couldn't check into the condo until Saturday, so we spent the first night in St. George. That night, I introduced everyone to the yumminess of Sub Zero ice cream. They all LOVED it!

The next morning, we did some grocery shopping and then headed to Vegas.

I was fascinated with all the power poles!

Following is a few pictures of my mom's condo. She actually had a double one so the boys could have their own side. 

That night, we decided to go check out Fremont Street and watch the light show. But when we got there, we discovered the light show had been cancelled for something else! But it was still neat to see Fremont Street. I had some culture shock that night, but after that, Vegas wasn't so overwhelming. 

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The Jensens said...

I swear we stayed at the same place your Mom's condo is when we went to Vegas a few years ago. It looks exactly the same :-)

It sounds/looks like you had a fun trip!