Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Tuck Swap

This month, our theme was Prim. I'm still not sure what that means, something older looking and lambs, and salt box houses and, well I'm not sure. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I searched for Prim Bowl Fillers on Etsy. When I saw a few owl things, I decided that would work. Then I found this cute tutorial on Pinterest and decided to use it. 

This is the tuck I gave to Jessica.

The back is actually fabric from a skirt. After getting to work one day, I realized it had some holes in it. I tried to keep my shirt pulled over the worst one, but someone else saw it too. I was going to throw the skirt away the second I got home, but then I remembered, I still needed some fabric for the back of my tuck so I cut it up for that. 

This month, I received Laura's tuck. She does this really cool punch needle thing and I was thrilled to see she used that skill for my tuck. I LOVE it!

This month, I was also in charge of the giveaway. I decided to make some more owls. Then it didn't seem like enough, so I went through my card stash and selected a random few. Then I threw in a notebook, a room spray, and two decorations I wasn't using anymore. 

 I put them all in a Thirty-One bag. Felicity won that drawing and seemed thrilled, so I must have done a good job. 

I decided these owls were too cute to giveaway, so I made double so i could keep some for me.
My owl tuck.  

My mini owl family. 


Jessica said...

I LOVE the tuck Laura made for you! I didn't realize it was you who got it when they passed it around at swap. :P I really enjoyed my owl tuck and the owl families you made are just as cute!

mE said...

I looooove all your owlies!!