Sunday, August 19, 2012

Las Vegas Day 2

Sunday, my mom decided to take us to see a few of the casinos, M&M World and the Coca Cola Store.
At the Luxor Casino.

At M&M World.
When we went to leave the Coca Cola store, we saw you could get your picture taken with the bear. They do it in front of a green screen and then photo shop in a different back ground. Also, I should mention that he was the biggest flirt! And John was less then thrilled to be in the pictures.

That night, we decided to go watch the pirate show at Treasure Island. I still don't know which place was my absolute favorite, but this one is defiantly high on the list. 

After the show, we walked down the street to watch the volcano at The Mirage. We didn't end up going quite far enough, so we didn't see the entire thing, but still, most of it. 

After the volcano, we started to walk back to the car. On the way, we saw Captain Jack Sparrow. I had to have my picture with him! I've never done anything like that, so I didn't realize, they expect a a tip. When he mentioned they like tips, I asked where to put it. In true Caption Jack Sparrow fashion, he said, "Wherever you want, love." So I put it in his shirt.

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