Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Robin's Nest

Last week, I noticed a robin outside my window at work. Each time I saw him, he had a twig in his mouth, so I knew he was building a nest. Then on Thursday I had a few quite minutes at work, so I was able to really watch him. I was thrilled when he disappeared in a tree right outside. I then waited until he flew away and ran outside and peeked in the tree. Sure enough, there was a nest. I was so excited! I wanted to try to get a picture when the eggs were laid and then again when they hatched.

Then on Monday, I looked outside. The landscapers were tearing out the tree! The first company that did our landscaping did a horrible job and planted a bunch of partially to fully dead trees. This week, a new company came in to replace them all, and my robin's tree was one of them. I was heart broken. I stewed over it for a while, then decided since they were just going to throw the tree away, I wanted the nest. So I went outside and asked the worker to get it out for me. I would have loved to put it in the new tree, but I know the robin won't use it now that it has been touched. But it couldn't use it in the garbage pile either, so I only feel slightly guilty.
I decided to give it to Barb so she can use it in her classroom. She was thrilled.

When I peeked at the nest, I didn't think to take my camera with me. And when I asked for the nest, I didn't want to look completely insane, so I didn't take a picture then either. But I did get a picture as they took the tree out.  

They took the tree out on Monday and didn't set the new one until Tuesday morning. After they set it, I looked outside to see TWO robins. I feel so bad for them that their nest is gone. The tree was still tied up, so the robin couldn't even get inside it to look around. They didn't untie all the trees until yesterday afternoon. 
 One of robin's looking for his nest.

The other robin. I think this was the girl robin and she was mad at the male for not having the nest ready. I wish I could have spoken their language to tell them it was gone and to hurry and build a new one.

I've been watching today, but I haven't see any robins. I hope that means they decided to hurry and build a new nest. I think all the dead trees have been removed so hopefully this won't happen to them again.  

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Jessica said...

That's so sad that they were back looking for their nest! I love that you saved it though. ;)