Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Babysitting the boys :)

I love spending time with the boys, so Saturday I volunteered to watch them so Vanessa could get a few things done. She brought them up to our house around 2:00 and then that night we dropped them off at 6:30. We had a blast.

The biggest worry I had was their car seats. So when Vanessa got to my house, I had her put the car seats in my car for me so I wouldn't have to do it. Then she came in and we talked about bottles, etc. I was a little worried there would be tears when she left, but there wasn't! She walked out and Valex did his little shoulder shrug of "where is she?", then he went right back to the toy he had been playing with. We didn't have tears for two hours. That was when I had to get after Valex for stealing his brothers toy. But even after a few tears, he was right back to his happy self.
I had plans to take lots of pictures, but they kept me pretty busy.
At first I didn't like this picture, but his shows his gorgeous eyes so well.
When the boys first arrived, I sat on the floor to play with them. This seemed to make Gaby jealous. She was right at my elbow crying for attention. Then Valex noticed her, so she ran to the chair to get away. But Valex followed her. She let him pet her for just a second; then she ran to the bedroom and hid under the bed.

Valex also tried to make friends with Zipper. My cats are not used to company so they weren't sure what to think and spent most of the time in the bedroom.

Valex found his brother's blanket. So he took it to this pillow and put himself to bed. Josh thought it was funny, so he tucked him in. But 40 seconds later he was back to playing.

Valex kept playing on my exercise bike so Josh decided to move the seat forward so he wouldn't fall off. Valex was on the seat when Josh adjusted it and exclaimed "wahoo!". Then he tried to move the lever by himself.

Valex playing with my old sunglasses. He wouldn't leave them on for a picture.

I had so much fun and can't wait to watch them again. Josh was a great helper too. But in the 2 minutes he had them alone (while I went to the bathroom) Valex broke the hallway light. 


Jessica said...

That's cool Josh was such a great help. Too bad about the hallway light though!

Savannah said...

Gaby pulls that light out all the time, so it was probably on its way to destruction. And it still works fine, the cover just doesn't stay on anymore. Its only a $3 Wal-Mart light so no stress.