Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Swap Group - Easter Baskets

This month, Naomi was in charge of swap group. She had a great idea. We each brought a basket and decorated it. Then we also each brought a small craft or gift for each of the ten baskets. After decorating our baskets, we each put one of our items in each basket so that each basket had all the same stuff in it. Then each basket was numbered and we drew numbers to see which basket we won.

I wasn't feeling crafty enough to make something for everyone, but I still found a super fun (and super quick) idea so I could still feel like I made something for everyone. I bought some jam jars and then filled them with M&M's and Peeps. I thought they turned out really cute and everyone seemed to love them.

When I went to the DI, they didn't have very many baskets to choose from, at least not many in good shape. I finally decided on a red basket, even though I thought it was too bright for Easter. I didn't really have many decorations ideas, so I decided to just line it with tissue paper and then wrap it in cellophane. (Which I didn't even know I had until I found THREE rolls while deep cleaning the attic.)(

One of the gals was late to swap so my basket was already wrapped. But I was able to find a hole and slip it in. You can't see it in the top picture, but in the below picture there is a small nest sitting on my Peeps jar.

We set all the baskets up so we could get a picture before drawing numbers for them. Here is one side of the table.

And the other side of the table.

A group shot of all the baskets. My favorite is the one just right of mine in the very back.

This is why it was my favorite. It took Sarah about 2 minutes to make that super cute flower. I wanted to win her basket just for the flower. But with my luck, the very first person to draw a number won that basket. :(

I'm not even sure whose basket I did end up winning, but it was just as cute. I love the heart shape of it. Before leaving that night, Jessica and I did a little swapping of our own so we could have slightly different colored stuff.

Every thing turned out so cute. It was just the motivation I needed to take down my St. Patrick's Day decorations and put up Easter decorations.

This month marked the end of another year for the group. So it was time to decide if we wanted to keep meeting, which we all agreed it was too much fun to stop. Then we had to decide what to do next. Every one seemed to really enjoy it when they did a tuck swap so we are going to do that again. Each month we will make one tuck. Then when we get together we will swap around with every one else and leave with a different tuck. We will each take turns hosting. I immediately volunteered for October since that's my favorite time of year. I'm a little nervous because every one hand makes their tucks and it will be something new for me to figure out. And it involves that "S" word (sewing) I dislike so much. But I'm willing to try. If all else fails, I'll just hurry and buy one before we meet.

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Jessica said...

I never thought I could make tucks either, but I learned I could! And you will too!