Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dinner with my family

A few weeks ago when my mom's home life got a little crazy, I told Josh that I would like to have my family up for dinner. Then we would have plenty of room for everyone. After agreeing to make sure he got deviled eggs and hot crossed buns, he told me it was ok. So in the middle of all our playing this weekend, we also cooked a full ham dinner and had my family up on Sunday afternoon.

Dinner included
Ice Box Cake with strawberry topping (I asked my mom to bring dessert)

I had my family up a few months ago for dinner and after they left, I decided I needed my own set of kid plates and silverware. This was the first time I got to use them. Valex seemed to enjoy it.

It goes without saying, I spoiled these little boys too. When I ordered their shirts a few weeks ago, Heather laughed and told me I would give them to the boys early and still end up buying more for Easter. She was half right. I didn't get the shirts in the mail until Friday, but if I had gotten them sooner I would have had a hard time keeping them until Easter. But she was right in the fact that I did buy more stuff.

Valex got three shirts, bubble bath, bubbles, a small ball, sidewalk chalk and eggs filled with candy.

Since Daxsen is still an infant, his basket was a little different then all my other nephews. He got three shirts, bed time lotion, bubbles, puff treats. Then I also filled his eggs with candy and told Vanessa she could eat it or give it to Valex.

When Vanessa saw the cute shirts, we decided to put one on each boy.

Alden was playing with Valex's bubbles. I remembered I had a large bubble set, so I got that out too. He spent the rest of his time trying out all the different bubble wands and blowers. You can also see my brother John's friend Wyatt who joined us for dinner.

It was the perfect end to the Easter holiday.

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Jessica said...

I need to go to Ikea the next time we're in the city and get me a set of little kid dishes as well. Everything looks yummy! What cutie nephews!