Thursday, November 28, 2013

Work Gift

Work has been very stressful lately. I don't want to get into the reasons why, but I've been unhappy there lately. One day I realized, I love my job, but I'm not happy where I'm at. It hard to explain without getting into to things. I LOVE my job. I love having my own office, a real desk and freedom to decorate it to fit my personality. But the atmosphere has been hard to deal with.

Just a few days after I realized all of this, we had a position open up in house for a meter reader. I really wanted that job, mostly because of the solitude that came with it. I spent several days talking myself into and out of applying. I even filled out an application.

But each time I looked at my pro and con list, it came down to one thing. I REALLY like having a desk job. The freedom to work basically alone was very appealing, but it would be based out of a truck. And I just wasn't sure I would be happy if I made that move.

So I've decided to fix my attitude. I'm trying to not let the other issues bother me. I'm trying to do the best I can at my job.

And I decided to spoil myself.
I bought myself a fridge to keep under my desk. I've been dealing with some health issues lately. I can't get a grasp of it, and the two doctors I've been too have seemed to brush off my concerns. I need to take control and go back and insist they check me for hypoglycemia. And if that isn't the answer, they need to help me find one. But my company is in the midst of changing insurance companies, so I might wait until the dust settles in January.
Until then, I'm trying to have more protein in my diet. I have oatmeal for breakfast, and that has helped a lot. But I still get shaky between breakfast and lunch. So I've been having a yogurt and glass of skim milk during my break time. That has helped a lot. I also have a glass of milk in the afternoon and sometimes a cheese stick.
We have two fridges at work, but I felt like I was taking up a lot of space. And sometimes it was a hassle to go grab the milk. Then I would wait too long and the shakiness would set in. So I bought myself a fridge so I can keep all that stuff right at hand.

I have LOVED having my own fridge! I'm so glad I made the splurge for myself. 

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Jessica said...

Love it! Andrew's favorite part of his mini fridge is the can dispenser and I love yours too! I hope you can get your shakiness figured out soon. :)