Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year, I almost didn't dress up. I couldn't find a time, when everyone could come, to my Halloween Party, so I didn't feel the need to get a costume. I should have known better. A week ago, I started having a panic attack because I didn't have a costume for Halloween. I decided to just do something simple, a witch. I found a few things in town, and then ordered the rest from Amazon.
I got up early so I could do spider web eye makeup.
As always, I was the only one dressed up at work. But I enjoy it.
I got off early so I could go do the Main Street Parade with Vanessa and the boys.
That actually worked out really well. Our little Bat decided to remind us why they call it the terrible two's, and he went home early with his mom.
But I stayed with the Ninja Turtle and we had a blast.

This was later that afternoon when he was getting ready to go out with his dad.
The boys opening the treat bags I made for them.
Cute story; yesterday, when I told Valex I had a gift for him, he asked, "is it a helicopter?" Not sure where that even came from. But today, I found a cute toy helicopter and I had to buy it for him just because he said that yesterday. I'm in trouble if they ever figure out just how tightly they have me wrapped around their little fingers.

After I finished at my sister's, I drove up to Altamont to see my other nephews. I can't believe how big they are getting. Each age just amazes me at what they can do. Preston is so smart. And Tyler is such a ham.
 LOVE that he was a John Deere Tractor. That is the PERFECT costume for him. I can see him wearing that until it falls off in rags.
They used their stickers to decorate their pails before heading out to go trick or treating.

I am about to be even more blessed as an aunt. Melanie and her family are moving to town and will only be a mile away from me. I'm so excited to be surrounded by all my favorite boys. 

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Jessica said...

Love your eye makeup!