Monday, November 11, 2013

Dump Truck Cake

Last week, my sister-in-law moved to Roosevelt. I am now surrounded by nephews! They live like .7 miles away from me now. I'm so excited to have them so close.
This summer, both Tyler and Daxsen wanted a dump truck cake for their birthday. Unfortunately, the pan had been discontinued and I couldn't find it. But I kept my eyes open, just in case. A few weeks later, I found it on Amazon for $15! I decided to order it, just in case I ever needed it.
I decided to make it this weekend to take to Tyler &; Preston to celebrate their new house. I'm been trying a new frosting recipe. I love the flavor, but it seems a little harder to work with. The frosting gets too soft, very quickly. I also added some Oreo "dirt" for Tyler. 
Tyler was napping when we got there, so it took him a while to wake up. Preston gave us a tour of the house. His favorite part is his OWN bedroom and the play room. Tyler likes that there is "good dirt" outside to play in.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, Tyler woke up enough to take interest in the cake. We were standing by the door and I could see him picking at it. Then I noticed, he was licking his entire hand. I thought maybe he was eating the dirt. I walked over to look and laughed. He had sampled the dirt, all the frosting on one tire, and a window part of the truck bed. I'm glad he loved his cake.
A few more pictures from this week. I've been working hard to get all of my Christmas shopping done. (Almost done!) Vanessa said the boys needed clothes, so I ordered each boy a set of pj's, a hoodie and several shirts. When the package came, they had messed up on a part of it. I was short one t-shirt for Daxsen, but I had an extra set of pj's. AND, it had TWO pj's in it. I actually almost ordered them for Valex. but I was worried they wouldn't fit by Christmas, so in the end I didn't. But I guess they knew this aunt was a sucker, so they sent them anyways.
At first, I thought it was only 1 set of pj's. I thought about keeping it until Christmas, but didn't want him to outgrow them. Then when I realized, it included TWO sets, I decided to just give them to the boys now so they can wear them while they fit.
Both boys were super excited and were dressing themselves even though mom kept telling them they had to bath first. And to make it more awesome, she had just bought them ninja turtle slippers!

I also received Tyler & Preston's presents this week. This aunt is going to have a HARD time waiting for Christmas. Here is the snap shot I sent to Melanie to let her know how excited I was. Tyler is getting a construction plate, place mat & utensils. Preston is getting 2 games, one of which is Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.
Christmas feels forever away, I can't wait for it to get here.

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Jessica said...

I think the Oreo dirt is my favorite part of your cake too! ;) Though the whole cake is awesome looking! Those boys are so darling in all their Ninja Turtle gear! And I love the construction utensil set that Tyler is getting! Good job, Auntie!