Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bountiful Baskets - November 16th

This will probably be the last basket I get for a month, but that's because they won't be running the week after Thanksgiving. So it will be a month before I can get another one. But there is so much food, I don't mind.
I really want to volunteer one of these times, but the truck keeps showing up early. Today, about 30 minutes before scheduled pickup, I decided to head that way. I figured I would be a few minutes early, or they would call before I could get there and say the truck was early.
The truck was early again. I love that they have a sign in the window that says. "If you are the driver and you are early, please call..." I think its become a problem. But its not like you can show up even an hour earlier on the chance they'll be early. We have lives too and can't show up early for a truck that might be early. Its only a 10 minute drive for me, but I don't want to go extra early and have it be for no reason. So maybe I'll volunteer one of these days, when the truck is on time.
This basket included:
10 large potatoes
3 cucumber
2 large yams
romaine lettuce
2 bags of carrots
10 apples
4 pomegranates
4 mangoes
8 cutie oranges
Just the above is more then enough food for the two of us. But I always get excited after reading the add-ons and end up ordering something extra. This time, I got the Host Pack.
It included:
 A bag of potatoes
a pineapple
living lettuce (its pretty cool, the root ball is still attached)
6 granny smith apples
1 large onion
2 parsnips
1 bag cranberries
5 key limes

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Jessica said...

Love the idea of fresh herbs!