Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

This year, we decided to host a St. Patrick's Day party. We invited several couples, but in the end it was just us, Andrew & Jessica and Todd & Randi. It was a blast and now I'm that much more excited for our cruise. 

For the drink, I made LOVE POTION, but used limeade and lime sherbet instead. It was just as good as the pink version. 

As always, we had tons of food. Josh cooked Corned Beef in the crock pot. Andrew cooked the cabbage. Andrew & Jessica also brought rolls and toppings for baked potatoes. Randi & Todd brought a salad. Then I also made a rainbow fruit tray and an evaporated milk & jello fluff type dish for dessert. You can view the recipe HERE. It was really good, but wow it made a lot. 

We were too busy talking about the cruise and eating the good food, that we forgot to do pictures. So while Josh and I were cleaning up, we tried to get a few self portraits. 

I saw these cute bags on Pinterest and decided to make them for everyone. 

I always have so much fun getting together with our friends. We're already talking about our next dinner party where Todd has promised to cook a leg of lamb (and also some chicken for me). We can't wait!


KT said...

I like your rainbow of fruit and vegetables! do share more!

Savannah said...

Yes, we are going on a Norwegian Cruise to Alaska in a few months. We can hardly wait. We're going with two other couples and can't wait.

Jessica said...

Such good times! Everything was great even though I couldn't eat much since I was sick. Bleh. :P I'll be having chicken instead of lamb also ;), but we do look forward to getting together anytime!