Sunday, March 11, 2012

40 Bags: Week 2

I didn't get any housework done on Friday, but since its a working weekend for the hubs, I have all weekend to tackle the 40 bags project some more. The garbage can is once again pulled up next to the porch so I can just walk out the door and throw stuff out. My goal today is to fill the garbage can again. And deep clean my craft room. If that room doesn't fill the garbage can, I might move to the basement and work in there for a bit. I love the hubs, but he can be a pig. I forgot to mention last week some of the stuff I found, like empty deodorant containers and empty shaving cream cans. No wonder he always complains he's out. All I check for it the bottles, I don't think to actually shake them to see if they are empty. I see all those bottles and don't think I need to buy him more. I know the garage and basement will be a great way to fill the garbage can because he does the same thing down there. Last night, I think I counted 5 empty bags of dog food. Its moments like that, that help me realize you may marry man, but you also take on a kid at the same time. :p But really, the craft room is in horrid condition, I bet I fill the garbage can just fine. And finally get a good DI pile going.

7. Hallway closet.

The empty shelves in my bathroom cupboards have haunted me. My house has literally no storage or closets. So I've been trying to figure out how to put the empty space in the bathrooms to a positive use. We have one small closet in the hallway. Well, its more like a cupboard I guess cause its just shelves. So I  decided to move all of my Scentsy stuff from the hallway into the bathroom. Once again, I learned I'm a hoarder! I have probably 100 Scentsy bars and 6 warmers. But I did have a moment of pride. On Thursday, some one's granddaughter came to work; she was selling Scentsy for a fundraiser. I really wanted to look and see what new scents there was, but decided I already have enough so I didn't buy any. That really is a big deal for me. I'm going and try to stick to that until I've used up all the ones I already have.

I then threw away a lot of stuff from the closet that I haven't even looked at in years. Then I assigned the 6 shelves a new use that I think I'll end up really liking because it helped organize other problem areas. The top shelf is the few games we own and rarely use. The 2nd shelf is still empty, but I'm sure I'll find a good purpose for it. The next shelf down is our Wii games. Our tv sits on a very small entertainment center. It has storage in the bottom for movies and games, but because its so small, we are always scattering movies and games on the floor to see what all we have.

I mentioned getting rid of the bassinet, but not having anywhere to put all of my crochet stuff. They are now in the hallway closet. The fourth shelf is the blankets and burp rags I keep on hand for gifts. The fifth shelf is my grand collection of crochet thread. Apparently at  one point, I decided I needed to stock up on brown and green. I have 6 things of brown thread and 4 of the green.

For now the bottom shelf is the few toys I keep on hand for when the nephews come visit. But I know I'm still missing a few toys (in one of the messy rooms I'm sure) and once I find them, I'm not sure if they will all fit.

8. My first bag for DI. It included a few hats, stuffed animals and then 11 bags. The bags are the free ones you get at things like conferences, meetings etc. I kept 3 of my favorites and threw the rest in the DI bag.

9. Craft room junk.
10. Craft room junk.

This bag include old recipes from an idea I had like six years ago and never followed through on. I have tons and tons of Taste of Home magazines. I had the idea to type up the few recipes I had tried and like and then the gazillion recipes I wanted to try someday. Then I was going to turn them into a recipe scrapbook. But thanks to the internet, I can find any recipe online, so I never got past printing all those recipes, in which I used up like 2 reams of paper! It reminded me that one of my resolutions this year is too be less wasteful. So far this year, I've done good with that, but now I am more determined to stick to it.

11. Picture frames.

I have several in my craft room that I have never used. I also think I have a ton more upstairs in the attic. They will either end up at the DI or in the garage sale pile. When I find the room to make a garage sale pile.

12. Craft room junk
13. Card making stuff. I never got into card making like I thought I would. I kept a few things, but I'm going to give the rest to a friend.
14. More craft room junk. Including some old wrapping paper that I know I'll never use.
15. Craft room junk
16. DI bag, including old containers I thought I would reuse some day, but never have.
17. Craft room junk
18. Craft room junk.

I was hoping to have my craft room all put back together by now, but I'm not that close. I still have one corner to tackle and then the closet. But I think most of it will end up at the DI. Turns out the hubs does get to come home tonight, so I think at this point, I better take a break from the craft room and get the front room and kitchen to look decent. Speaking of the kitchen, I think I'll really tackle it next week. I shudder to think of the expired food I'll find in the cupboards.

I decided to not publish this post yet and see how much more I can get done before the weekend ends. Which I'm glad I did, cause I got some more done.

19. DI bag of misc. stuff
20. DI bag of misc. stuff
21. DI bag of misc. stuff
22. Bag of stuff for Heather. I was going to DI it, but then I got looking at the 3 soft blankets and noticed that there was 2 girl colored ones and 1 boy colored one, which is just perfect for her family. Then I threw in 4 Build-A-Bear stuffed animals to finish the bag off.
23. Craft room junk
24. Craft room junk, including all my Scentsy testers and other stuff from when I was a consultant. I know you can use the testers by melting them in the microwave, but I have 87 bars in the bathroom. (Yep, I counted them.)
25. Bag of stuff for Vanessa. While cleaning the bathrooms, I found Josh's old hair cutting kit. Since he doesn't need it anymore, I think its time to pass it on. The I also found a few clothes that don't fit, but will hopefully fit her.

The last two bags of garbage are still in the craft room because my garbage is just over flowing.  Right now, the closet is stuffed full of the DI stuff cause I have no where else to put it. I'm not sure when I'll make be able to take my stuff to the DI, but it will probably be a few weeks. By then I hope to have even more stuff so I can take a car full of stuff.

I wish I had been taking before and after pictures. Each room fills like it has undergone a complete transition. I love having my craft room back. But now the trick will be to stay out of it until I finish my big cleaning projects. And really, for now, it will be a great landing zone for the DI and yard sale stuff.


KT said...

Tacklet away... I keep trying, but have been working so much I haven't been too successful. But I am determined to make this happen...DECLUTTER!!!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you're making big strides! I've been working like gangbusters on my house as well. The kitchen is probably my next big project also. :P