Monday, March 5, 2012


Last week, Jessica's family had a party at Boondocks, in Layton, to celebrate Jade's 6th birthday. Jade is one of Jessica's cute nieces. Andrew had to work, so Jessica asked if I wanted to go with her.

We both bought the 2 event card. It let us do two of the things and then it also came with a $5 card to use in the arcade.

Jessica and I decided to play a game of bowling. She totally kicked my butt, but it was still fun. So much fun, that we decided we'll have to go bowling with the boys sometime soon.

After bowling, we watched Jade open presents. She got some fun things! Then we went outside with a few if Jessica's family members and played mini golf. I'm not very good at that either, but it was still fun. Jessica was a sweet aunt and let her nephew take turns with her. 

We both used the $5 to play skee ball. I won enough tickets to buy 3 airheads and a fun size starburst. We bought matching bowling pin cups, but couldn't get them in our picture since I was also the photographer. (We didn't think to get a picture with them until after her family left.)

I had so much fun and am so glad to have such a wonderful friend.

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Jessica said...

Fun times! I'm so glad you could come with me. :)