Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Swap Group - St. Patrick's Day

This month, Angie was in charge of Swap Group. She thought it would fun for everyone to make a St. Patrick's Day door hanging and then bring it for show and tell.

I was such a slacker. For all of February, I kept thinking, "I have until the 16th." I don't know why the 16th, but that is what I kept thinking. Then last Friday night, I realized our group always meets the first Tuesday of the month and that was only 4 days away! Since I was going to the city on Saturday, I got on Pinterest and started looking for ideas, knowing that I would only have Sunday to get it made.

I'm not really into door hangings, but I still wanted to make something. I found these cute lepercon hats and decided to make one for everyone. They are just those some glad containers you find in the paper towel section of the grocery store. I painted them green, but it took like 5 layers of paint to coat them well. I pretty much hated them by the 4th coat. I also didn't buy enough paint, but luckily I had some in a slightly different color, so I used it too. I wanted something quick and easy for the hat band. I thought maybe some black tape; I found a sheet of black duct tape and it was perfect. I cut it into half in strips and wrapped it around the hat. Then I cut out some yellow buckles and some clovers I found online. I was going to fill them with chocolate coins, but the store was sold out. So I did Rolo's instead.

In the end, they did turn out pretty cute and everyone seemed to love them. 


Jessica said...

They turned out very cute! I feel bad we didn't buy enough paint though. Normally when I buy 2 bottles of paint, I only use the first one and then the second one sits around forever!

The Jensens said...

Cute! 5 coats of paint is crazy!