Monday, June 22, 2015

Valex's 5th Birthday

When I ordered the toys to put on the cake, I thought they would be a little smaller. And I didn't realize most of them were bobble head toys. They were so cute, I wanted to keep one for myself. 

I also decided to find him super hero clothes for his birthday. I always have a hard time stopping myself with only one or two. 

I thought I was done buying him gifts, but then I found this shirt that had a detectable cape! I couldn't resist. They also had a batman one, but I decided to wait and get that one for Daxsen for his birthday. 

Since the toys were too heavy for the cake, we decided to put them around the cake, with just Superman on top. 

He loved it!

I saved the Superman gift for last. Before he got that one, I think this one was his favorite shirt, because it "was just like a ninja turtle!"

I even wrapped the cape by itself. 

The next day, I felt bad that Daxsen had to wait almost 2 months until he got a shirt with a cape. So I did what I do best (spoil the nephews) and decided to get him one now. I was really excited when it came in a Minion's box!

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