Monday, June 8, 2015

#MicroblogMonday: A Good Teacher

When I was in 7th grade, my math teacher gave us a test the first week of school. At the end of the week, he kept me after class and told me I needed to change out of his class and enroll into Pre-Algebra. I was too smart for his class.

True to young teenager character, I put it off until it was too late and the school wouldn't allow me to change classes anymore. Again, my teacher kept me after class and told me I was too smart for his class and he didn't want to hold me back. So we came to an agreement. I would work through the book at my own pace. The goal was to finish it early and then he would get me a copy of the next level so I could start on it.

I think that was my favorite class ever. I loved sitting in the corner and just doing my own thing. After that, I always excelled at math.

Until this spring when I went back to school. That math class kicked my butt. I mumbled several cuss words towards my teacher and cried many tears over my homework and test. But I kept telling myself I was still smart, it wasn't just me.

I decided to take one college class over the summer semester, Math 1050. The difference has been night vs. day. This class is all online. I just have to complete all of my homework and complete 4 test by August 14th. When the class started, I was still drained, so I waited another week before I even started. When I did start, I sat down and mapped out a schedule. Take this test by this date, this test by this date, etc.

Maybe its because the first chapter is basically a review of the entire last class, but I have done so much better this time. But I also think its because this professor is so much better! The last professor was one of those "figure it out, I already told you how to do it once; I don't have time to actually TEACH you." This professor has been the complete opposite. There were concepts in the last class I could never figure out. I've watched a few of his online lectures and it all makes sense now.

I believe that hard work is worth a lot. But so is a good teacher.

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

The right teacher matched to the right student makes all the difference.

Journeywoman said...

Having a good teacher is vital. I had a bunch--and I'm married to one.

Mali said...

I was always good at maths. But I was always put off asking for help, because when I was 12, I was given a more advanced text book and told to work through it too. Though there were no instructions in the book, so when I came to something I didn't understand, I asked my teacher. He told me just to skip it - because I don't think he knew either. Sigh. I remember that year being quite unsatisfying. Oh for a good teacher!

I'd love to do a maths class now. I might look at online options!

dubliner in Deutschland said...

good teachers are so important but especially with something like Maths! I had a bad teacher in school and thought I was just bad at maths, but my Mum sent me to private tuition and then suddenly I was able to follow and understand it all.