Monday, June 15, 2015

#MicroblogMonday: Panda Cupcakes

Valex turned 5 yesterday. We're having the family party next week, but Vanessa asked me to help make cupcakes for him to take to daycare. 

He had asked for panda cupcakes. She also told me that he wanted a hero cake for his birthday. Before I added supplies, I decided to check one more time. When she asked him if he wanted a hero style cake, he became concerned because he really wanted "bear cupcakes." But when she told him he still got those also, he cheered right back up.

I feel so blessed to be the aunt of these cute boys. I was able to take a break at work and deliver the cupcakes. I was having a really bad day, but when I saw them, my heart swelled with love and I was able to smile for a moment.

We frosted the cupcakes in white frosting and then dipped them in sanding sugar. It gave them a really cute texture, but I felt bad for the mess it left on the tables. We used chocolate chips for the ears and the nose. On some cupcakes, we sued candy eyes and then outlined them in black gel frosting. But we also made some eyes with chocolate chips, a dab of white frosting and a black pearl sprinkle. 

I love these boys so much!!

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Cristy said...

Absolutely adorable! And the cupcakes look amazing.

Mali said...

I think you've given me inspiration for the next cupcakes I make with my niece!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

The cupcakes are so cute! So are your nephews -- as well as their smiles as they hold their treats.

loribeth said...

The cupcakes look delicious and your nephews are adorable! :) How lucky they are to have you as an auntie! :)