Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Every night, we bring Sage inside and have her sleep in her kennel. She usually does pretty good, but recently, she has started wining at night. All.Night.Long. Josh can sleep through it, but I can't. So I would end up either taking her outside, or I would put ear plugs in. I had decided I was tired of that. So I decided after Christmas, I would make room in the spare room for her kennel and let her sleep in there. 

On Christmas Day, we let her spend pretty much the entire day inside. She was really good to stay on her blanket. So that night, we decided to try letting her sleep on the floor by the bed. I was really nervous because I was terrified she would pee on the floor. So I didn't sleep well because I kept checking on her. 

We decided to sleep with the bedroom door shut so she couldn't wander around the house and get in trouble. Around 11, I woke up and put her outside for a bathroom break. Around 3 AM, the cats wanted out of the bedroom, so I made her take another bathroom break. 

It worked pretty well. She wandered around the room a little bit. But each time we told her to lie down, she went right back to her blanket. The worst part was the cats. They would want in and out. They've started to tear up the carpet, so I couldn't just let them scratch. 

The next night, she came right in and went right to her blanket. When I woke around midnight, I decided to put her out for a minute to use the bathroom. She seemed so heartbroken! When I let her back in, she ran to her blanket and laid down.When the cats started scratching the door at 3 am, she refused to go downstairs.

On the 3rd night, she went right to bed. But then she kept poking her nose on the bed and nudging me arm. After the 3rd time, I decided I better take her to the bathroom. I got up and found Gaby sitting by the door, staring at Sage. As soon as I opened the door, Gaby left and Sage laid back down. I think she was either to nervous to sleep with the cat watching her or she thought Gaby needed a bathroom break. 

Of course, 10 minutes later, Gaby wanted back into the bedroom. I decided I didn't want to play this game every night, so we decided to crack the door enough for the cats to come and go. Hopefully, if Sage ever needs let out, she will let us know. 

She didn't even leave her blanket that night. When I get up to use the restroom, she will look at me, but just stays on her blanket. On Sunday morning, Josh woke up early. He was sure she would follow him downstairs, but she stayed in the bedroom until I got up a few hours later.

We have loved her growing up to be a calmer dog and not an over exited pup. And she has LOVED sleeping on the floor.


Suelynn Jacobus said...

Glad she's finally doing better so all can sleep :-)

Jessica said...

Wish I knew how that felt with Amber. ;) Glad Sage and the cats are doing so well though!