Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas with Savannah's Family

We spent a little time with my family on Christmas Day.

I had John's name. One of our new favorite Facebook pages is Cats @ Work. When they announced a calendar, I told him he couldn't order one.

Josh had Vanessa's name. She asked for a guitar case. When I went to order it, it was on sale. So I found a cute necklace to go with it.

My mom had her heart set on wireless TV headphones. I talked to all of my siblings and we decided to buy them for her together.

I actually gave my dad & Susan their gift early. Susan has really suffered from cat allergies since she married my dad. Bless her heart, she has tried so hard to embrace the love he has for his cat, Attila. I mentioned this to a friend and she suggested I get her the TriEase Softgels from Doterra. I decided to take them over as soon as they came so she could try them out to see if they help. When we saw her on Christmas, she said she thought they were helping. I also included some Breathe for my dad. I have a calendar I was going to make for them, but I haven't had a chance to finish it yet.

For Valex:
When I found the hat, I couldn't remember which ninja turtle hoodie I bought for him. I though it was neat they were both the blue ninja turtle. 

For Daxsen:
Daxsen got the orange ninja turtle hoodie and the purple ninja turtle hat.

I kept telling him to look at me for a picture, but he couldn't see to know which way to look.

We received lots of fun stuff from my family. Alden gave Josh a DVD and a picture frame he made. My mom gave Josh a few trapping DVD's. She gave me a mug and mouse pad with a picture of the boys, along with a gift card to Maurices. John gave me a wireless keyboard and mouse. My dad gave us tools and also some money to go towards buying my college books.


Grandma Hardy said...

I love your blog, Savannah. It is tasteful and artsy. It appears that you gave and were given a wonderful Christmas. Please know that the families up north (no, not Santa Claus) love you and were so happy to see you and Josh at Thanksgiving time. Love, Grandma Hardy.

Jessica said...

That was super thoughtful of your dad to give you money for your books!