Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Josh's 33rd Birthday

Months ago, I decided I was going to buy Josh ice fishing supplies for his birthday. Then, I saw how expensive his Christmas wish list was. I decided I would just split it between Christmas and his birthday.

Then a week before Christmas, I decided I still really wanted to get him the ice fishing stuff. I hurried and ordered everything and prayed it would come in time. 

The biggest item was the sled I bought him. He's wanted one for years for hunting, trapping and fishing. It came within a few days, so then I had to figure out how to hide it. 

On his birthday, he went trapping with a friend. While he was gone, I decided to arrange his presents in the sled for him to come home to.

He was gone a lot longer than I expected. I had his cake all finished and dinner ready to go in the oven. I called him and told him all I needed was for the birthday boy to come home.

He was so excited to see the sled.

For his birthday he got the sled, an ice fishing shelter, a heater and a new ice fishing pole. Now, all he needs is for it to get a little colder so ice will form on the lakes. This winter has been unseasonably warmer. Hopefully he'll be able to go in a few weeks.


Lee & MiKell Watkins said...

Sorry I kept him out so long.

Jessica said...

Andrew couldn't wait any longer, he's out fishing today! I'm sure he and Josh will have a fun ice fishing season with all their new gear. :)