Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The kitties always enjoy the tree. This year, Zipper discovered the water bowl. It reminded me of Pyro, she always loved the tree water. 
Zipper also reminded me of why I don't put bows and ribbons on gifts. He spent the last few weeks chewing the ribbon of a bottle of juice Josh's boss gave us.
Christmas morning found the tree over flowing.
Josh worked out a Santa trade. He played Santa for a friend at work and she agreed to wrap his present for him. Her office is right next to mine, so it was hard to not peek. Especially when she got excited about a few of them.
Including one gift for Josh that I decided would be too hard to wrap.

We bought the cats a small bed and a new blanket for Sage.

On Christmas Eve, we ended up staying up super late because Josh wanted to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. So the next morning we slept in.  We had just enough time to open our stockings and cook breakfast before we headed to see my family.

We both bought way too much for the other's stocking and they were both over flowing.

While we cooked breakfast, we let Sage eat her bone on her blanket.

About halfway through it, Gaby figured out the dog had gotten a treat and she didn't. She was so jealous! She even tried to steal a small piece that had broken off. We did give the cats soft kitten food later, but I knew if Sage was inside, she would eat it all.

Gaby never gets that close to the dog. It was funny how upset she was. She would whine at the dog and then come whine at us. She even licked the small piece she stole. But even when she didn't like it, she still kept whining about it.

Josh's Stocking:

 I forgot about the iTunes card I had hidden in my purse. It was a few hours later before I remembered. He told me he was sad he didn't get one, but didn't want to say anything in case he was getting it for his birthday. But I had bought a 2nd one for his birthday, so when I remembered, I decided to just give it to him then. 

Savannah's Stocking:

I love that he picked out jewelry on his own. 

For Christmas breakfast we had cranberry scones.

After we got back from seeing my family, we opened our presents. I actually enjoyed opening our gifts in the afternoon. It seemed to make the holiday feel a little bit longer.

Gaby just always has to be the center of attention.

We spoiled each other this year. Josh got a skinning machine, a ton of trapping stuff, his favorite calendar, a magnetic bracelet and a few fish hooks. 

I got a new coat, a new camera, and several new things for around the house like a broom hanger, curved shower rod, and new clothes hamper.

The cats showed NO interest in their bed. Until we put it on the couch.

Since Christmas, I don't think I've seen the cats in it again. But Sage has decided she likes it.

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Jessica said...

That is so funny about Gaby and the bone! Looks like a great Christmas. :)