Sunday, June 30, 2013

Valex's Birthday Gift

Valex's birthday gift arrived in the mail the a few days before our big move. I threw it into one of the many boxes in the front room and decided to deliver after we moved.
As I was unpacking, I noticed a few things missing. It was as I was going through the last few boxes in our spare bedroom that I found those items. Our old modem (the phone company had me convinced I left it plugged in at the old home), Gaby's pet "String" (yes, our cat has her own pet), and the birthday gift.
 I took it over this morning. I wrapped it in 2 packages, but I should have done three since that is how old he is now. He opened the one with the outfit and pj's while his brother opened the other.

I can never express how much I love those little boys. :)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Love the tiger pj's! Andrew still can't figure out why your old house internet line was conflicting with your new modem...