Thursday, June 6, 2013

Haslem/Hardy Family Pictures

Last month, when my family got together to go to Idaho, we started out by getting our family pictures done. It was something my mom helped plan as a present for my grandma. So we did individual pictures, extended family pictures, grand kids only, etc. Our photographer, Heidi, did a wonderful job and took well over 250 pictures, which she provided on a disc. Wow, so many pictures to sort through. Here are my favorites.
My mom and her immediate family (aka, the wild bunch I grew up with).

The whole family:

My grandma with all her grand kids:

My grandma and her children:
My mom and her kids:
Individual pics of my siblings. (PS, they are all available! As in, for dating, not the picture itself.)

My sister and her kids. Of course, they are my favorites, simply based on the fact I love those boys so much!

Our Pictures:




KT said...

Did you not want to climb up in the tree too? :) Great pictures!

Jessica said...

I like them!