Saturday, June 29, 2013

My New Office

The first of June is when I officially moved into my new office at Moon Lake Electric. I have loved my new job. Working the front was ok, but being a billing clerk seems to be a little more fulfilling for me. At the front desk, I would have busy days, but then I would have slow days, and those would drag on and on. Now my days seems to pass quickly because there is always something to do vs. waiting for people to come in and need to pay their bills.
I also love that is has a real desk, instead of working on a counter top. And its not so much in the public eye, so I felt like I could decorate it more to my taste. I had some pictures up front, but now I have even more. I joked that some people have beach themes, or horse themes, or contemporary  themes with certain colors, etc. My office was going to have a nephews theme. I don't think anyone knew how much so. I wanted to be able to see a picture of them, no matter which way I turned.  

As I was packing for our other big move, I set some stuff aside to take to the office. Then I was able to find a few picture frames at a yard sale. The biggest addition was a picture frame collage I found on Amazon. Every time I look at it, I think "this is my happy place."

 I also decided to keep my office a little girly by adding a few flower decorations. But mostly, its all about the nephews. This is one proud aunt and she isn't afraid to show it.

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Jessica said...

Love how all the decorations turned out! I especially love the big collage frame you got from Amazon. :) I do have to say that you have more computers and phones than I care to look at. ;) I think I counted 2 computers and 3 phones!