Saturday, February 2, 2013

Riding Horses

Josh and I have taken up riding horses on the weekends.
Even in this frigid cold weather?
The people who are letting us keep Jazzy in a stall, have also been kind enough to let us ride their horses, in their indoor arena. We still have to dress in two (or three) layers, but its been fun.
I don't have any pictures, but I'll remember to take a camera one of these weekends.
Its been fun to ride with JoLynn and Robin. I'm not a very experienced horse rider and they have been so much help. I feel like I'm gaining confidence (and hopefully some skills).
I swore I would never ride a horse past a walk, but on the very first weekend, they had me trotting. And then even a little bit of loping. I have loved riding in the arena where I don't have to worry about anything spooking me.
The last two weekends, we've gone riding on Sunday, but this weekend, we ended up riding on Saturday. We were there checking on Jazzy and just as we were leaving, they showed up to ride. We told them we would join them tomorrow, but they insisted we stay, so we did. They had some other friends coming so they could work on their cutting for their competition next weekend.
I rode one of their horses, but Josh rode Jazzy. I think she really enjoyed being a horse and hanging with other horses today. When it was time to put her back up, her and another horse went to the other end of the arena. Glad to see she made a friend.
It was fun to watch them and it seems we were both helpful in helping with the cows. Hopefully we'll get to do it again someday. We also hope to ride our own horses next weekend for our anniversary.

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