Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mickey Mouse and a Star Cake

 Last week, a friend mentioned she was in need of a couple birthday cakes. Within like 7 days, the family has 3 of their birthdays. So I volunteered to help her out by making a Mickey Mouse cake for her 6 year old. I was going to make the cake the night before, and then Josh would deliver it the next morning.

Tuesday night, I was getting ready to decorate the cake and her husband contacted me to see if I could make a 2nd cake for his wife, since her birthday was the day after their son's. He wanted a rose cake. I told him his choices were a dinosaur or a star, I didn't have a rose pan. So he told me her favorite colors were purple and red and we settled on a star cake. I hopped online and looked a few designs, and found one I really liked. But by the time I got Mickey done, I was worried I wouldn't have enough frosting for the design I had chosen. So in the end, I went with something very simple.

When Josh dropped off the cakes, he said there was some very excited kiddos. One of them said "Oh, Mickey IS the cake." Wish I could have seen their faces. I have so much fun decorating cakes and I'm glad I'm gaining the confidence to do them for family AND friends.

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Jessica said...

Fun! Definitely too bad that you didn't get to go and see their response. :)