Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dad's Hip Surgery

There is a lot of things I know about my dad.
He has a great sense of humor.
He loves to garden.
He is full of service.
He loves collecting tractors of any shape and size.
 He has always (for as long as I can remember) walked with a painful limp.
To say he has needed a hip replacement for years would be an understatement.
But finally, that is what he did. On Wednesday, he went in for surgery. One of the nurses in the surgery said his hip was one of the worst she has ever seen.
I think my dad was pretty nervous going into the entire thing, but his spirits have remained high and he is doing amazingly well. The day after his surgery, they set a goal for him to walk halfway down the hall. He made it all the way to the end and back. When his dr. saw him, he said he was good enough to move onto the next stage of recovery.
So today, he moved into the Villa Care Center. Hopefully, in a week or two, he'll be able to return home.
Its been hard to watch my parents age and go through their own health struggles. But its also an amazing feeling to see them do so well afterwards too. 

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KT said...

My mom had a hip replacment a handful of years your dad, she wasn't exactly excited about it. At the time, they gave her two with a greater recovery time (but more lasting). She choose the shorter recovery time...hopefully she won't have to do it again.