Sunday, February 10, 2013

Preston's 6th Birthday

Preston's 6th Birthday was actually the end of January. But because of conflicting schedules, we didn't get to celebrate with him until tonight. His mom and I looked at a few cake ideas. In the end, we decided to do a Bowser Castle Cake that I found on THIS website. I made the cake and then Melanie collected some Mario toys to put on it.

I must point out that I asked Melanie what I should get for Preston. I love buying clothes, but I don't want to become the uncool aunt that only buys clothes. But she told me he would love a Mario t-shirt. It took some searching, but I was finally able to find a few.
When we got there, we gave them their Valentine's gifts a few days early. They were a HIT. At this point, I could say I'm the coolest aunt ever.

We played a few rounds of Uno, then headed down to grandpa Paul's for cake and ice cream because today is his birthday too. While waiting for everyone else, I had Preston but the toys on the cake.

Everyone wasn't there yet, so he rearranged them again. And again. And again. I LOVE that he loved his cake so much. I repeat, coolest aunt ever. 

Then we gave him his present. He was excited to open it. 

Then he took it to his mom and whispered "why do they always give me clothes?" Coolest aunt, NOT.
But he must have got over it quickly because he put all three of them on at once. But to be on the safe side, this aunt is going to have to find different gifts in the future. ;)

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Jessica said...

That's too funny that he knows you always give him clothes! At least they're always cool clothes of whatever they're into so I say "Good job, Aunt Savannah!" Love the cake too, btw!