Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hanke Family Reunion

When I went back to school, I knew I would have to give up the things I loved so I would have time to study. One of the things I miss the most is camping. Last year, we went over half a dozen times. This year, we have been once. 

I'm not big on family reunions, but since the Hanke's would be camping near our favorite spot, we decided to go. We did, however, opt to stay a few miles down the road at our favorite spot. 

As excited as we were, I think Sage was the happiest. 

I had to take my final exam that morning, so we didn't get up there until that afternoon. Josh had to work, so he came up that evening after he got off.

Friday, we were going to hike above the dam and fish with some of the cousins. Instead, we woke up to rain. It rained off and on all day. But at least it kept it cool.

Around 1:00, we drove up to the other camp to see how they were doing. Josh's uncle, Steve, was the only one there. The day before, there was a bike wreck that ended with a broken arm. Jeff decided it would be best to take the kids with him back to town to have it checked out.

We wondered if it would just be us all weekend, but that evening, everyone else showed up.

Barbara had bought some gigantic marshmallows. Konner decided to roast 6 at once. When they were done, he made each of us a s'more.

Konner and Sage were best friends. They walked. And walked. And walked. That afternoon, when Konner asked for the 13th time to walk Sage, I noticed she wasn't as happy anymore. We finally found someone who has more energy that she does.

Saturday morning, the weather was much better. We decided to take the kids and hike up to the dam.

Tyler packing two BIG rocks to throw into the lake.

Kaitlyn packing rocks back to camp because they were pretty and she wanted to give them to aunt Nova. She packed them most of the way up and then most of the way down. Just before we were near the campground, she decided they were too heavy and she set most of them down.

Jeff planned a scavenger hunt for the kids. It ended at a tent, full of treats. Jeff had Josh hide in there and roar like a bear.

Dallon, Natalie and Colt joined us for dinner on Saturday night. Colt was more interested in looking at Sage than eating his food.

Saturday afternoon, a rain storm rolled in. We were all huddled under the canopy to stay dry. Tyler thought Sage was scared, so he stood with her.

The reunion didn't end until Monday, but we were tired and needed to get ready for the work week, so we went home Sunday morning. We're hoping to get one more camping trip in this summer, but I'm not sure if it'll happen or not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Mali said...

Great photos, but you scared me to death with the photo of the kids throwing the rocks at the dam!

Glad you had a good time.