Monday, August 17, 2015

Girl's Trip 2015: San Diego, Hotel and Scenery

About a month ago, Jessica called and asked if I would like to do a Girl's Trip. I asked Josh and he said he didn't mind, so we planned a weekend trip. Since its extremely unlikely I'll ever get to go on a beach trip with my mountain man husband, I suggested we go somewhere with a beach. So we choose San Diego. Josh did defend himself by saying he has touched the ocean, but I told him Alaska doesn't count. I wanted a warm beach I could swim in.

This also was the perfect motivation to finish my summer class. I had wanted to finish a few weeks early, but I was running out of steam. Before we left, I finished all of my assigned homework and took my 3rd test. I still had to come back and take my final, but I knew I would just need a day to study for it and I would be ready. 

We flew in late Thursday night. The plan was to go to Sea World on Friday and San Diego Zoo Saturday. We also planned to spend time at the beach and visit a few stores we love. 

Our hotel was perfect. It was after midnight before we got to our car rental. We were worried about finding our hotel, but we literal came out of the back end of the parking lot and our hotel was right across the street!

This was are rental car. 

The next morning, we woke to find we had a breath taking view of the marina.

Each morning, I spent a few minutes sitting on the balcony while I studied my bible. It was the perfect way to start my day.


Just as I was finishing the first morning, I looked down to see this family of ducks swimming through the pool. They walked down the steps at one end, swam to the other end and then got out and walked into the bushes.

We loved our view, but we did notice that it was just as beautiful on the other side.

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