Monday, May 4, 2015


*Its been a super busy day today. So today's #MicroblogMonday post is in bullet form.

*Josh let me pick out my Savannah's Day present on Saturday. I can't wait to get it next Sunday.

*My official grade isn't posted yet, but I'm pretty sure I got a B in my math class. I'm so excited that I not only passed, but that my grade was higher than a C!

*I've been super stressed over the HOA (Home Owner's Association). Last year, I was told the sprinkler system timer didn't work and it was never looked at because they didn't want to pay any money to fix it. Turns out Allred's Landscaping will do a free consult. To top it off, when he came, he found that it had been programed to never water. All he had to do was reset the timer.

*I no longer cuss lawyers. I had to hire one for the HOA to get some account brought current. I am still shocked at the results. Amazing.

*Summer semester starts next week, so I only get one week off. I'm going to take at least one class, but still haven't decided if I'll take two classes. Guess its time to decide.

*I played the piano for the first time in 6 years yesterday. I felt like I did horrible, but everyone said I did well. I think they are all good liars, but I'll take it. When I asked who sold me out as a piano player, I was told it was several people. I should have known I'd never be able to hide.


Jess said...

Congrats on your Math B! A good lawyer is amazing -- glad you had one to sort out the HOA situation. Good for you picking up the piano again -- that's one of those things that only gets better the more you do it. If it makes you happy, do it (especially if everyone around you is a fan!). Enjoy your Savannah's Day present, that sounds awesome.

Mali said...

Piano players are rarely able to hide! Though we rarely satisfy people either, I find. (I can never play what they want me to play).

Yay for the math class result! Well done. I'd love to do a math class (or maths as we call it) again. I enjoyed it at school, but never took it further.

Rachel Lewis said...

So what are you going to school for?

Savannah said...

I want to get a degree in accounting, BUT right now, the local college extension isn't offering it, so I'm going towards a business degree. But they are hopeful to have the accounting program available soon, they are just trying to hire staff for it.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Our HOA always finds something wrong. It's like they have a quota and they have to find something wrong with each house. Glad you were able to get your sprinkler taken care of.