Monday, May 18, 2015

#MicroblogMonday: Sage and the lighting storm

Last week, we had a huge hail storm pass through during the night. We didn't hear any thunder, but our room let up several times from lighting. Sage is terrified of thunder and lighting. When the hail storm started, she started pacing the room and nudging her nose up on the bed to get our attention. We'd tell her to lie down, which she would, but only for a second.

Josh says the rule should be no pets on the bed. Sage obeys this rule, but the cats don't. But when the first bolt of lighting lit up our room, Sage jumped on the bed and landed, curled up, right next to me. I pushed her back on the floor, but she jumped up again when the next bolt lit up the room.

She jumped in bed with us three times. The last time, I considered letting her stay there. But it looked like Zipper was about to recover from the dog getting in bed and it looked like he was about to strike. Zipper is convinced he's bigger than the dog and will put her in her place when he feels its necessary. But when she catches him off guard, it always takes him a minute to take in the situation. But once he does, he always strikes. I didn't want a cat/dog fight in our bed, so I pushed her off the bed again, but then laid with her on the floor for a few minutes until she settled down.

The next morning, I wanted to recreate the moment and take a picture, but she refused to jump up. I guess she's only willing to break the rule when she is scared.

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Jess said...

Yikes, hail is serious business. I wish you could have gotten a picture, too -- that sounds so snuggly. We are terrible with no pets in the bed. It's cats in the bed, all the time, and once upon a time a giant greyhound, too. It's so nice when they're snuggly though. Not so much when they pin your legs down and give you calf cramps.

Mali said...

Our cats were banished from our bedroom, because they were too disruptive. We had to keep the door shut, because they wouldn't take no for an answer. So they learned to "knock" on the door very early in the mornings, and we'd let them in to snuggle for an hour or so before we got up.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

The things I don't consider when I get all gooey-eyed and talk about getting a dog or cat. They have real personalities and fears, just like a person. Hmmm... how will I feel about pets in bed with me?