Thursday, September 4, 2014

Camping at YellowPine...Again

The other day I was thinking and I thought, darn, we haven't gone anywhere fun this summer. But then I has been a summer of camping. Which to us, makes it near perfect. I like to see new places, but I also really enjoy the relaxation that comes with camping.

Over Labor Day weekend, we decided to go camping once again. I took Thursday off so I could head up early and get us a good spot. It worked perfectly because I was able to get the same spot we had last time. It has become our new favorite location. 

We were a little nervous because it had been rainy ALL WEEK LONG, but it slowed down for the weekend. We still got some rain, but by the time we packed up on Sunday, everything was dry. 

This time, my favorite thing was all the squirrels and chipmunks. They must be getting ready for winter. Sometimes, I felt like we were surrounded by an army of squirrels, there were so many.

In this picture, there is a squirrel sitting on the top rail of the fence.

This picture is a deer behind the fence.

Once again, we tried a few new dutch oven recipes. We always try to make the first night something simple, since its dark by the time we get the tent set up and dinner cooked. This time we made Stuffed Potato Boats. It was dark, so I didn't get a picture. They were ok, but I think I'd rather just do roasted hotdogs.  

The second night we made Southwestern Chicken.

We also decided to make a new dessert in the dutch oven the 2nd night. Part of the recipe calls for the butter to be melted. I wasn't quite sure how to best do that, but then I remember the accessories pack that came with our Kelly Kettle. It worked perfectly!
I could have chopped the pretzels smaller, but found it easier to just break them in thirds. Josh's only complaint was that it needed an 8th layer, of ice cream.

More chipmunk and squirrel pictures. I only took like a tenth of what we actually saw. They really were everywhere.

On Friday, it rained off and on a little through the day. As it got close to bed time, I started to feel bad for Sage. We didn't want her in the tent with us because she would ruin the air mattress, but I felt like I was leaving her out in the cold. The trees were big enough to keep her dry, but I still wished I had thought to bring her blanket from home. Just before bed, I remembered I had picnic throw blanket in my car. I've never used it, so I decided it would be the perfect camping blanket for her.

If the weather will cooperate, we plan to go camping one last time this summer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Jessica said...

Looks like you've had fun trying so many new recipes while camping instead of just the same old!