Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Sink up Uintah Canyon

This week, one of my girlfriends is out visiting from California. Since I don't get to see her often, I decided to take a day off and spend time with her and our other good friend.

We decided to escape the heat of summer and go up to the mountains. Ashley K knew a cool spot that neither of us had ever been to, so we went there. Its called The Sink because the water comes down the mountain, but then disappears into an underground tunnel.

They talked me into taking Sage; she had a blast. 

Ashley K and I have been friends since we were young and she was my best friend growing up. 

Ashley N and I have known each other pretty much our entire lives, but we became good friends in high school.

They are both amazing women and I am blessed to call them friends. They are two, of the few people, I feel I can be myself around without worrying about hiding or offending.

We walked through the small cave, but after the 2nd opening, it was pretty dark and we didn't have a flashlight with us. 

We also hiked up the water fall. Ashley K was kind enough to help me with Sage in a few spots. That dog has endless amounts of energy. 

It was a gorgeous drive and a beautiful hike.

But the best part was spending the day with my best friends.  

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Jessica said...

Sage is such a cutie, smiling dog. You were brave to take her with. I never would have taken Amber without Andrew. ;)