Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's 2014

I almost forgot to make a gift for the nephews this year. I looked on Pinterest for something I could throw together real quick. I decided to do a toy shovel with candy and a sign that said "I DIG YOU." I spent my breaks on Monday trying to find sand toys in town, but they haven't stocked those yet. So I looked on Amazon. First, I found some that came with a bucket, but then I found a smaller version. The smaller version came with a set of 12 at half the price it would cost to get 4 bigger ones. I decided to go with the smaller ones and fill them with home made pudding. Than I bought some gummy worms to include with it.

I filled the shovel with the worms and wrapped a sandwich bag around it to keep them in place. I also decided to line the pail with a sandwich bag to make cleanup easier.
On Thursday night, we decided to deliver the gifts a day early so Josh could go with me, since he has to work out of town this weekend. I got home from work and made up some home made pudding. I filled the pails and than topped them with crumbled Oreo's.
They were a hit!
While were were at Melanie's, Preston made us a Valentine.

I knew they would use the shovels as spoons. ;) A little messy, but I think they loved it.

After Melanie's, we went to see my sister and her boys. They also loved them!

We had plans for Valentine's, but last minute Josh got the opportunity to work in Wyoming. If the weather cooperates, he will get to fly for the Sage Grouse Study. He was pretty excited. Since we just celebrated our Anniversary, I was ok with him being gone for Valentine's. But he made sure I wouldn't feel left out by coming home with roses last night.

When a friend heard Josh was out of town, she invited me over for dinner. It was a blast. We had dinner and than played Uno Robato.

Josh has had the opportunity, a few times now, to fly over Wyoming and look for sage grouse. But every time he'd get ready to go, the pilot would cancel due to the weather. This weekend, he finally got to go. Here's a picture of Wyoming from the air he sent me this morning. 

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Jessica said...

I would eat my pudding with the shovel too. ;) Cute idea for the nephews! Love your rose bouquet! How exciting for Josh to go flying like that too!