Monday, July 29, 2013

Longhorn Day Races

This year, the Altamont Longhorn Days added a new run to their activities. They called it the Park to Park run. It started at the Bluebell Park and ended at the Altamont Park. It wove through the area, so it took 8 miles! Josh decided to run it.

Josh did his run in 1:11:52. He was pretty proud of his time and hopes to get it closer to the hour mark next year.
I decided to finally try a 5K race. Josh was already on his run, so I only had myself to take my picture.
I did my run in 41 minutes. I thought that was pretty good for my first try. I ran most of it, with a few short walking breaks along the way. I hope to trim it down to 30 minutes for the Electric Run 5K that is in September.

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