Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fireworks with My Family

The Sunday after the 4th, my brother invited us over for a BBQ and fireworks. We laughed, because a few nights earlier we had talked about how we'd rather buy other things instead of fireworks and I said, "You know who buys great fireworks? My brother!"
We all must have been excited, because that morning, we ran into each other at the store, each there buying something to bring to dinner. My mom and John were out of town, so it was us, Vanessa and the boys, and Alden.
While Josh was grilling burgers, I tried to sit on the bigger trike. Daxsen came over and pushed me off.
Uncle Alden even had sparkles and snaps for the boys.

Alden's friend, Hank, had some glow sticks and gave each boy one. Daxsen chews on everything, so by the end of the night, his had cracked and both boys had green stuff glowing on their faces.

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