Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Valex's 2nd Birthday

This weekend, we celebrated Valex's 2nd birthday. Before hand, my sister had asked if I would make the cake. Of course I said yes! I love my nephews and I love decorating cakes, so decorating a cake for a nephew was a pleasure. Between myself, and a few friends, we are trying to keep track of what pans we all have. Then we can just share instead of buying one that someone else already has. I let Vanessa know which pans we all had and she chose the 3D train cake pan.
This was my first 3D cake. It was a little bit different to work on, but I love how it turned out. The worst part was getting it from our home, 25 miles down the road, to the party. But it did fine. It took me a few hours to decorate, but it turned out so cute that it was worth it. I only had a few minor tragedies. I forgot to tie string around my cake pan, so the bottom side had better defined 3D details then the top. Also, I had decided to just buy black frosting instead of making it. I also thought I bought grey frosting, but when I opened it, I found it was white. So I dyed it gold, but I think I still would have liked grey better.

Valex is one spoiled boy, but every child should be spoiled on their birthday. ;) I think the presents in blue where from Vanessa and her family, the presents in black & white in the basket were from me & Josh and the other presents were from Chris and his family. The later Alden added some sand toys to the pile.

One of the first presents he opened, was from his dad. (I will say now, that I thought his dad got him the COOLEST gifts.)

His own drum set! Valex loved it! John started putting it together while we kept trying to open presents. But Valex was over there between every.single.present playing with the drums. Then when we'd get his attention to open another present, he'd bring the drum sticks with him.

This was the last present he opened, also from his dad, and it was just as cool! His own guitar!

He was so excited. For a minute, he just stood there and pointed at it. Then he tried to play it while his dad got it out of the box for him.

To make it more fun, I decided to wrap his gift into four different packages for him to open.

We got him several different books, including to scanimation books, and a wood block set.

I love this picture my sister took of John and my dad assembling presents while Valex opened the rest. I think we were all just as excited as Valex was that day.

His grandma great (aka great grandma, on my mom's side) got him a swimming pool. Even with out water, he loved it. John was a good sport to blow it up when we couldn't find the foot pump.

After opening presents, we brought the cake out. Both of the boys have recently had strep throat, so we decided it was better to not do candles this year. Valex was pretty excited about his cake. So was his mom. ;)

I'm not sure what we were thinking. We got a picture of me with his cake, but not a picture of Valex with his cake. I felt so bad when I realized it that night.

He was rawring at his dad.


After cake, we filled up the swimming pool and let Valex play.


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Jessica said...

Very cute cake! The picture of Valex with his guitar is my favorite cause he looks like a little rock star. :)