Monday, June 18, 2012

June Tuck Swap

This month, our theme for Swap group was summer. I decided to do a flower idea I had seen on Pinterest. You can see the original tutorial HERE. It ended up being quite a bit of work; I didn't want to give it away. But I told myself I'd just have to make myself one now that I've done a trial and error version. Its hard to see in the picture, but its just a smaller pillow, I think about 7 inches. When (and if) I do one for myself, I might have to do a larger version.

Here is the picture of the tuck I gave to Angie.

Here is a picture of the tuck I received from Naomi. I LOVE it.

Most every one in the group is big into Primitive looking stuff, so must of the ladies coffee stain their tucks. I loved the tuck, but I also love that it wasn't coffee stained. I also found out one other girl doesn't like that look, so when I have her name I can skip that step.

I got kind of frustrated with my tuck and decided I need to drop out of swap group. But after getting suck a cute tuck, I decided to stick it out for another month. (And maybe scale back to not such a complicated design that takes so much work.) Next month is Patriotic stuff for July 4th, so I'm busy thinking of something red, white & blue.

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