Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tribute to Zipper

I've put off writing this because it was too heartbreaking for me. Its now been two months and I still tear up and cry like a baby thinking about my Zip-Zip.

This spring, I noticed that Zipper wasn't acting like himself. I knew he was getting old, but it was like he aged 50 years over night. I was worried he was diabetic, so I took him to the vet. Instead, we found out his kidneys were shutting down. We had hoped for a few months, but instead, things progressed rapidly and he was gone within the month. 

I did write THIS blog post the next day, because I never wanted to forget how much I felt God's love during that time. But I still want to do a picture tribute. He really was the best cat ever. I still look for him in bed each night. There will never be another cat like Zipper. Josh would always joke he was a momma's boy, but it was true. I shared a bond with him that I never have with another cat. 

I could never be in another room without him. Sleeping, eating, showering, crafting, homework, he had to be by my side. When we brought Blue home, Zipper started sleeping with a paw either on my hand or my face. It was like it was his way of saying "this is my momma."

 Even when he did crazy things, like bring a mouse to bed, I still loved him. 

This was Josh's favorite picture of Zipper. We were trying to sell our bed. I had just made it and went to take a picture. He wasn't in the room when I picked up my camera, but by the time I hit the button, he was in the middle of the bed. 

I think this is what I miss the most! The sound of him sucking his toes at night. When we first got him, it took us a few weeks to figure out what the sound was we could hear each night. I always knew he was happy when he was sucking his toes. 

Its hard to believe we've had to say goodbye to so many amazing cats. Pyro, Missy & Zipper were the original pets to become a part of our family. Since then, we've also had Ally, Buddy (and the other kittens), Gaby and Blue. I love Gaby and Blue, but I miss these 3 cats every day. 

You will forever live in my heart Zipper. 

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Jessica said...

Oh, Zippy! What great pictures you have of him! My kitty pictures are my favorite because then my cats are always with me no matter where I am or where they are. Your favorite picture of Zipper is mine too!