Saturday, April 30, 2016

Associates Degree

It took me 15 years, but I finally have my Associates Degree. Okay, it really didn't take that long, I just took a 14 year break in the middle. 

I wasn't going to walk because I still plan to continue my education and get my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. But after talking with family and friends, I decided to celebrate my hard work and be a part of the ceremony. 

Two weeks before graduation, my new adviser informed me I was missing a class and wouldn't be able to walk. (This is what happens when you take a 14 year break.) It took some arguing, and I had to get the okay from the main campus in Logan, but I finally got them to agree to use an old class I took back in 2000. This issue wasn't settled until pretty much 2 or 3 days before graduation, so I was really excited when I went to pick up my hat and gown. (This issue also followed me the next semester when I tried to register for an upper division level class; but hopefully everything is set now.)

I'm glad I walked. But everything else about the night was kind of boring. We had to be there a few hours before the ceremony to line up. So I took some selfies in the hallway. It was held at the Jr. High, so my background is weird artwork that was decorating the halls. 

Dallon also graduated that night with his Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife. That's probably why I decided to walk. I knew we couldn't go watch him and have me miss out. 

It has been so much work. I couldn't have done it without Josh. Working full-time, starting a new job, and going to school all at the same time has been a lot of work and has meant a lot of sacrifice. Last year, we only went camping once. I haven't been fishing in over a year and I don't see my nephews near as often as I would like. I stress that my house is never clean and Josh jokes that he does all of the cooking. But I know that it will be worth it. With my new job, I'm already seeing the benefits and I know they will continue to grow as I finish my education. Hopefully just a few more years of hard work and then I will be finished with school. 

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Jessica said...

Congratulations again! So glad you decided to walk. :)