Monday, April 6, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Random Thoughts

Today's Random Thoughts for #MicroblogMonday

* I have a math test tomorrow. Sometimes I feel like I will do well. Other times, I break down crying that I am not going to pass this class.

* I promised someone at church I would come up with a project for their girl's activity. I want to make notebooks with my Cinch machine. I forgot how much work it is just to prep for this project. I'm spending my breaks at work cutting out paper. But I'm excited to be more involved with my congregation. They feel like family.

* You know its bad when you even start dreaming about math in your dreams every night.

* Yesterday, we made stuffed Brussels sprouts using THIS recipe. They were DELISH!

* I filled out evaluations for my classes today. I gave my Econ professor a glowing review. I did not do the same for my math professor.

* I can't wait to go camping.

* If I ever had to torture someone, I would make them solve math problems.

* In case you didn't notice, math seems to rule my thoughts right now. I'm so ready for this class to be over.

* I don't want to end this post on the subject of math, so here is a picture of Zipper. He was so excited to find a box, he wouldn't let me finish taking the stuff out of it before he claimed it as his. 

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Mali said...

Great list. I had to laugh at the recurring maths problem! And of course, the cat in the box. I miss my cats.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I hope Zipper gets to keep his box.

Good luck on the math exam! May you pass and have it behind you.