Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

This year, I had a hard time figuring out an Easter gift for the Nephews. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to use a beach towel as a basket, so I decided to try that. Of course, mine never look as good, but I still think they turned out pretty cute.
I decided the towel could be the big gift and then just filled it with several small items.
I decided to get a hooded towel for Colt. I couldn't resist this cute owl!

It was fun watching Vanessa's boys with the water guns. Daxsen had gotten upset that is brother got him wet. So I told him to just shoot back. After that, they had fun chasing each other around.

Daxsen didn't want to get shot in the face, so he was always looking away.
At one point, Valex came up and was shooting me. I kept saying, "you missed!" After a few shots, he got confused, turn the gun on himself and squirted himself in the face.


Preston & Tyler checking out their baskets.

This year, we decided to keep our baskets simple.

Josh wanted new bullets for his muzzle loader and a big bag of peanut butter M&M's. I also got him a new book and a new iPod case and ear-buds for when he runs.

Josh got me a cupcake stand, book, necklace, iPod case & ear-buds and some chocolate.

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