Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Races

Last weekend, Josh ran in two races. I was busy helping my uncle with his Dutch Oven Business at UBIC, so I wasn't able to go with him and get some pictures. 

The first race was Friday night. It was a 5K night run in Vernal. We actually both ended up getting home about the same time, but I could tell that Josh had a lot more fun than I did. He was COVERED in pink glitter. Some of his buddies from work had met him at the finish line and threw glitter all over him. And since he was all sweaty, it stuck really, really well. I know have glitter in our truck, my bathroom, my couch...well, pretty much every where. Josh doesn't usually stay until the end, when they announce the winners, but he was pretty sure he came in 6th place.

After just a few hours of sleep, he was up bright and early Saturday morning for the UBIC 10K race, which he ran with his sister. 

This time, he stayed long enough to see his sister finish, but then they both left. About an hour later, my friend came to let him know both he and his sister had won prizes. She thought they said Josh came in 3rd place for the men's, but she couldn't remember the reason his sister won a prize. His sister won a hat and Josh won a water bottle and t-shirt. 

So pretty much, Josh ran a 15K in roughly an 8 hour time period. I think he's nuts, but he thinks it helps him stay in better shape....for hunting season. 

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Jessica said...

Oh man! Too bad you don't have a glitter picture. It sounds terrible, but I bet it was a sight!